OMD FWD- 8th January

Hello and welcome to 2021! Things may not feel that different to 2020 just yet, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that a brighter future isn’t too far off! The good news is that exciting things are always happening in our industry and the wider tech sphere. From the continued evolution of retail to electric innovation, click here to discover the tech trend predictions for 2021.

Scroll down to discover what our clients, Snapchat and Apple, have in store for this year and how a start-up is helping to deliver fresh groceries in under 10 minutes!

Bitmoji has a passion for fashion ????

Your Bitmoji character is about to have a serious style makeover! In the latest eCommerce push, you can now select the latest clothes from various retailers.

Apple move into the driving seat ????

Self-driving car technology continues to improve with Apple hoping to produce a new vehicle with breakthrough battery capabilities by 2024. Buckle up!

Fresh groceries pronto! ????

Gorillas works with local fulfillment centers to get consumers fresh groceries and household products at retail prices. Currently a big hit in Berlin, it is expected to rollout across other European markets.





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