OMD FWD 30th July

To say that 2020 has been a creative whirlwind would be an understatement. The video content platform, TikTok, has announced that they want to do their bit to help. The ‘Creator Fund’ is a $200 million project that will support ambitious creators and inspire people to enter creative careers. 

No Likes for Facebook Pages ????
The Pages section is having a makeover. Facebook wants the feature to have a cleaner layout and a smoother user experience. This means no more Likes!

Make statements with masks ????
Pinterest has kicked off a “Make a Statement Mask” challenge, highlighting a range of creators who’ve made unique masks, celebrating style and function.

Google unleash creepy crawlies ????
Want to go to a virtual zoo? The search engine giant has added a total of 23 insects to the growing collection of augmented reality search results.

Join the listening party ????
Social distancing means that live gigs are still on hold, but Spotify Premium users can still share the joys of music by listening in a Group Session.

Gardening in the kitchen ???? 
Spending more time at home means there is more time to cook. Click & Grow has released an innovative indoor garden. The Smart Garden 3 allows consumers to grow fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. Click here to learn more.


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