OMD FWD 1st May

Want to master the art of working from home? The Verge released an online guide which is a one stop shop that shares some great tips and tricks to help you adjust to your ‘new normal’.

One thing that has almost stopped spreading is misinformation about coronavirus. WhatsApp reported a 70% decrease in messages containing false COVID-19 news. The “info-demic” may have reached the peak, but certain messages are still floating around on the app.

Facebook brings images to life ????

Want your ‘Stories’ to pop? Introducing the new ‘Animate’ feature which will allow users to add motion to stills, making content more eye-catching and engaging.

Get ready for the #MonthOfGood ????

Looking to spread kindness? Instagram announced an initiative celebrating the generosity of Ramadan. Get involved by using #MonthOfGood.

Brands give back on TikTok ????

TikTok has partnered with your favourite brands to bring users unique offers. From bouquet deliveries to online therapy sessions, this app has your back.

It’s time to tip on Spotify! ????

The music streaming platform now allows people to tip artists and donate money to charity. This will help those in the music industry that have felt the COVID-19 hit.



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