OMD Fork Off

Another spoon jousting spectacular at the OMD Fork Off. Only this time it was like a well oiled suckling pig. The judges at their table and the nervous feeders at another. Jonathan Phang had stepped up to the plate this week. And brought his showbiz professionalism with him. Each dish was sampled and critiqued in turn. And it was great to really hear what Jonathan had to say about each dish as well as handy tips for each budding chef. Our very own Neil Duncan thoroughly enjoying each plate like a hungry and agreeable bear. The two of them could have their own show!

Round 2 was ‘Taste of The Far East’ and the line up looked a little like this:

Oliver Hill made ‘Maison Hackney Masara’
Ashwin Khanchandani created a Chicken Katsu Curry
Zoe Blake rustled up a cracking Kedgeree
Hannah Morris handmade Chicken Vietnamese Rolls with a peanut dipping sauce
Chira Tochia cooked for us a meatball curry.

After all of Goldilock’s dishes had been tasted it was time to deliberate. So the hungry crowd, some already carrying plates, chatted and chomped amongst themselves until the moment of taste truth.

Silence descended, brows were mopped and breaths were bated… and Queen of round 2 was bestowed to Chira Tochia and her massive spicy meatballs. Well done missy…


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