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Fresh for 2016, we’re going to give you an exclusive look at what’s going on across the OMD agency network every week. With 120 offices across the world, there’s so much to share, so we’ll be picking our highlights. Enjoy!

This week, we shine a spotlight at The Future of the UAE, OMD MENA’s ongoing research project to document and explore the evolution of the nation.

In a country that is evolving rapidly, change is the only constant. The ‘plates’ of the UAE’s consumer landscape are continuously shifting, with new waves of expatriates arriving each day and technology continuing to transform our lives. As a result, the consumer’s psyche, attitude and behaviours are evolving, making business planning a challenging task.

To get ahead and help their clients evolve in 2016, OMD UAE has launched the ‘Future of UAE’. Held at the Waldorf Astoria in Dubai in December, the series of talks and panels explored the expectations and attitudes of consumers life in the UAE and its future. The results of a 2,000 person interview process were revealed, showing that 75% of residents consider respect, family and ethics to be the most important values. The launch attracted interest from Ad Age’s Communicate Online, and the #futureofuae trended heavily throughout the day! Congratulations to everyone at OMD UAE for such a fantastic launch and uncovering such thought-provoking insights as we kick off 2016.

To find out more about The Future of the UAE please check out the OMD UAE blog.


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