Mobile adspend continues to soar

Last week, the IAB released the results of their H1 2015 digital advertising spend study in conjunction with PwC.

The headlines are very positive with digital advertising in the UK rising by 13.4% to £3.98 billion in the first half of the year (up from £3.51 billion in H1 2014). Overall, display has grown healthily by 27.5% and search by 8.4% respectively YoY.

Unsurprisingly, mobile advertising has been the key driver of this growth, accounting for 80% of the overall rise in digital ad spend at  £1.079bn (a 51.2% increase from H1 2014’s mobile spend figure).

Mobile now also accounts for a whopping two-thirds of all spend in social, reflecting a dominant and ever-increasing usage of social platforms like Facebook via mobile. It would appear that the gap between time spent and advertising on mobile devices is finally starting to narrow as mobile’s share of life and eyeballs continue to grow.

For more information on the wider study, please visit the IAB’s website.


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