Listening to the voices inside our head

It’s time to get emotional with the release of Disney Pixar’s latest animation Inside Out, and we’re thrilled to have worked on such an exciting campaign.

Disney’s Pixar wanted to introduce the five lovable Inside Out characters (Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Sadness) and get people to fall in love with them.

How did we do it?

We kicked off the campaign by identifying relevant cultural events to deliver emotion-specific messages in real time. We wanted to introduce the five characters to people so they could identify with them.

We used social and OOH placements around targeted events such as Wimbledon, the X Factor auditions, Father’s Day and the May Bank Holiday.

We partnered with Sky Anytime to introduce their upcoming family films and shows with an emotional warning.

Grand Visual’s OpenLoop technology allowed us to seed out relevant emotional messages in real time commenting on variables such as location, weather and traffic.

Metro featured emotion-based messaging aligned to relevant news of the day and Mail Online did the same in digital.

We managed to integrate emotional messaging into the fabric of Bauer radio editorial, with our emotions featuring in the relevant entertainment news bulletins.

Spotify offered users the chance to analyse their emotional profile by looking at the type of music they’d been listening to, while targeting them with emotion-specific messaging based on the music genre they were listening to.

To top it all off, Inside Out opened to the number one spot at the UK box office this weekend in the largest number of cinemas ever for a UK release. What a fantastic result!


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