Leveraging Dynamic Data-Driven Creative

Day two of our 2016 Innovation Week saw us joined by Oli Roxburgh, co-founder and CEO of Mobile5. With him, he came armed with in-depth knowledge of dynamic creative and its power to leverage data across digital.

Firstly we addressed the question; why dynamic creative? Put simply, our digital campaigns can be targeted with such variation and precision that a generic, one size fits all display banner no longer fits the bill. And that’s the cue for dynamics. Now brands have scope to deliver personalised and relevant messaging, so why wouldn’t they?

Oli took us through Programmatic Advertising Creative (PAC); the philosophy of merging data, whether it’s audience led or contextual to serve a piece of creative that can be relevant to the individual from both an imagery and copy perspective. In short, serving an ad that the recipient will really care about.

We were also reminded that PAC is an ongoing process. The flexibility on offer means we can test and optimise against an audience group, boost performance through added personalisation and quickly and reactively update content, all of which keeps a dynamic process evolving.

In a nutshell, this is why dynamic creative and the data behind it continues to be at the heart of the future of digital display advertising.


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