How Twitter complements TV

Today Omnicom Media Group UK launch a new piece of research commissioned jointly with ITV and Twitter, which looks at the changing behaviours of audiences interacting with TV content over multiple screens. Bhavin Balvantrai, Head of Research at OPera Media gives us an overview of the study.

Audio Visual content, whilst becoming platform agnostic, remains the best messaging medium available to advertisers, and the level of engagement with high quality programming increases as the number of touchpoints grow.  One of the key drivers of engagement has become social media, where the ability to share or listen to views around programming has created what we like to call high intensity bonding moments.  We all know these behaviours are occurring, but we wanted to pick these apart; it is often difficult for a client to know how they can interact with audiences in this space.

Omnicom Media Group UK agencies are best in class at navigating within these complex ecosystems.  In order to provide our clients with the tools to engage with audiences in and around content, we’ve partnered with the biggest companies in this field, ITV and Twitter.  ITV delivers mass audiences in highly engaging moments.  Twitter is the most public and conversational medium, the nation’s watercooler.

In order to fully understand the behaviours within this world, we jointly commissioned a marquee piece of research.  The study had to be both broad and focused.  Alongside a large scale quantitative piece monitoring interactions around over 10,000 programmes, we used state of the art ethnography and wearable tech to focus in on the daily multiscreen habits of 10 socially active TV viewers.  The insights are great, the delivery is fun, and we really hope you enjoy the results.

The findings are important for both advertisers and content producers, so be sure to watch this space as we share the learnings over the coming weeks.

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