How to Make a Million Jobs

As part of Omnicom Media Group’s leadership development programme “Springboard”, some of the group’s promising young talent are undertaking a London-based community project.

OMD UK is part of a team involved in helping Tree Shepherd a not for profit organisation in its cause to create and facilitate employment in areas of London that need opportunities the most. Tree Shepherd’s noble mission is to create new jobs in the Lambeth area, in particular jobs that are appropriate to the skills of the people who live there.

The organisation is solely run by Colin Crooks, author of “How to Make a Million Jobs: A Charter for Social Enterprise” , who has over 20 years in social entrepreneurship. The team are helping Colin to develop the enterprise by providing guidance on Tree Shepherd digital structure/presence, identifying fundraising opportunities within Lambeth & raising Tree Shepherd’s profile within the community.

If you’d like to get involved, offer advice or learn more about Tree Shepherd please contact Colin Crooks via his website

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