How to find and reward your most influential customers

How would you like to be rewarded with exclusive offers just for being you? If your favourite brand partners with Seed Media, this may become a reality. Seed Media’s proposition is to reward a brand’s most influential customers in exchange for a little of their street cred.

During this afternoon’s session, Seed Media’s Chris Cayless and Ben Copley took us through their Influencer Relationship Marketing (IRM) platform. IRM works to harness a brand’s current customers’ online WoM to influence their peers to also buy the brand.

Seed Media’s technology identifies which of your customers are the most influential and rewards them with shareable exclusive offers. As they share the offer with their social group and generate sign-ups, the brand can then tailor subsequent offers based on their level of influence. For example, an ad goes out with the call-to-action: “recommend a friend and get your next purchase ½ price”. The recipient then shares this across Facebook as well as direct to three friends via email. Seed Media then tracks the number of sign-ups generated off the back of that one recipient sharing the ad. Subsequent offers to that person will then be tailored rewarding their ability to influence their peers.

We were then given a live demo of how the technology works and the insights it can pull. Last week, OMD UK were all sent an email encouraging us to sign up for the chance to win a gig. The dashboard showed that 64 employees signed up and from this there were 44 referrals to non-OMDers. The dashboard also showed that in this case, Facebook was the preferred channel in which OMD employees shared the offer, followed by Twitter and then email.

Sounds like I better up my street cred if I want to get my hands on these offers!


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