Fuse launches Formula 1 impact report

Fuse, Omnicom Media Group’s specialist sport and entertainment agency, has compiled a comprehensive impact report for Formula 1’s 2013 early season, providing a wealth of insight and opinion across the exciting world of F1.

As specialists in sports and entertainment, Fuse investigated the impact that the biggest name in motorsports had made on F1 fans with its most recent season. The results make compelling reading for the wide range of brands that stand to benefit from exposure in this unique and dynamic environment.

Formula 1 has seen a 43% increase of interest from F1 fans over previous seasons. Fuse’s research also pinpointed countries that are more interested in the sport now than ever before, with some intriguing differences in the motivations behind their interest. Further detail on which of these audiences responds most positively to sponsor activity, and which sponsors performed well in each market are also included; great news for brands looking to make a big impact in a new market.

Fuse’s research into guest perceptions of Formula 1 hospitality has found cost to be a major barrier – preventing fans from watching the sport live, which indicates the huge potential for exclusive access opportunities that brands can provide to their customers. However, the report details guest motivation, likelihood of accepting invites, and other factors for brands to address when they consider offering hospitality at Formula 1 events.

When it comes to integrating the Formula 1 experience into a wider brand campaign, Fuse gives insights into audiences’ social relationship with the live or onscreen action. Social channel popularity, as well as the positive and negative conversations that focus on Formula 1, is documented in the report to better inform integrated brand partnerships.

The full impact report includes a great deal more information on Formula 1 fan engagement, a brand activity monitor, and interviews with Formula 1 partners such as BBC and Twitter that offer insight into industry behaviours from those at the heart of it.

Fuse is able to present their findings to interested parties, and can customise a set of key insights for your specific needs. If you would like to find out more about brand or business opportunities in Formula 1, or have specific questions about Fuse’s research and results, please contact Simon ([email protected]) or Daniel ([email protected]).


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