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To kick off the second day of Innovation Week, Philip MaCartney, VP Head of EMEA from Affinio gave a detailed introduction to the social insights platform Affinio and demonstrated it in action.

Affinio started with a basic premise – that if you want to understand, engage, influence and sell to consumers then you need to know what they like, what makes them tick and what they have an affinity towards. The platform delivers ‘actionable audience insights that no one else can see’- essentially analysing the interconnectivity of your audience’s online social relationships. At a very base level, Affinio uses an algorithm to segment your audience into tribes based on what they like and what they engage with on social.

Phillip outlined six key Affinio offerings: segmentation, consumer insights, inform creative, targeted adverting, media buying and competitive intel.

Phillip gave a demonstration of the platform, looking at a report created for a major airline. This used their 785K twitter followers to uncover 16 tribes to use for deeper analysis. Using these tribes, they were able to get under the skin of their engaged audience, uncovering what content they like, when and how they engage with social and most importantly, when and how the airline should communicate with them.

Overall this was an insightful session and highlighted a great platform that can help us better understand our clients’ consumers. The session got me thinking about how the audiences that we are communicating to are real people, with real social behaviours and motivations– this takes media planning beyond simple demographics and into the real world.


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