Creatives vs Coders: The Tech Off! at Lions Innovation, Cannes

As creative uses of technology take over our lives, the question is: who will drive the future? The creative, whose thinking isn’t held back by the tech? Or the coder, who understand how it all works?

At the inaugural Lions Innovation Festival in Cannes, the Techdept is bringing together three speakers – a designer, a coder and a creative, OMD UK’s Ann Wixley – to debate this issue: the future of creative innovation.

Each speaker has strictly 7 minutes to win over the crowd and be declared the winner, taking home a one-of-a-kind Creatives vs Coders Champions Belt! The winner will be decided by those in attendance, but only after one final speaker has taken the stage: a wild card, picked from the audience!

Creatives vs Coders is one of a regular series of events called The Tech Off, hosted by marketing technology agency Techdept.

For a full write up & to meet the speakers click here.


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