Can you break the Internet?

Together with the Guardian, OMD UK is excited to announce a ground-breaking partnership for Cisco.

Around 15 billion devices are connected to the internet, but that is less than 1% of what COULD be. This progression from the Internet of Things to the Internet of Everything, a concept encompassing people, processes, data and things,  has been identified as the next stage of the web and Cisco are aiming to help facilitate our transition to a world where everything we do is made easier and safer through the internet.

From the future of healthcare to putting sensors on seals to monitor climate change, the IoE will transform all of our lives. We’ve partnered up with the Guardian to develop a series of interesting events, articles and interactive features.

Introducing the ‘Connected World’ hub, which sits on the main Technology editorial part of the Guardian website.

To further bring the campaign to life, we have a series of three round-table discussions where business leaders get the opportunity to debate important topics with editorial and Cisco experts, as well as online Q&A sessions where SME owners have access to top Cisco talent to find out how they can bring the benefits of IoE to their business.

Finally, we’ve launched ‘The Internet of (nearly) everything’; an interactive tool which allows you to search for (almost) any item in the world and it will tell you how they can be connected to the internet.

Jackie Nixon, Marketing Director, Cisco UK & Ireland said “We’re delighted with how the Internet of (nearly) Everything has helped to explain our vision of the future to Guardian readers. It is an integral part of the wider Connected World project and is a great example of our collaborative partnership with the Guardian.”

So all that’s left to do is get searching!


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