Become a laughing Babybel for Red Nose Day

Comic Relief 2015 wants you to ‘make your face funny for money’, so crack a cheesy grin for the specially created Babybel Yourself website.

You can create your very own Mini Babybel cheese that won’t stop laughing when you poke it, shake it and give it a tickle – if it gets lonely, you can even create a mate for it too!

As an additional incentice, Comic Relief will benefit from a 25p donation from Mini Babybel every time you share your joyous creation on Facebook or Twitter.

You’ll see lots of Babybel Yourself out and about, with plenty of TV and social promotion backing the campaign. OMD UK has even commissioned a range of interactive digital 6-sheets in cinema foyers across the country for cinema-goers to create their own Laughing Babybels right there and then.

We’re also planning a one-off celebrity stunt which, we promise, will catch some of our audiences by surprise… stay tuned!


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