Admiring the best of the best at the Festival of Creativity

This morning we kicked off OMD UK’s first Festival of Creativity.

The Festival is being held on OMD’s main stage which, although slightly smaller than the main auditorium at the Palais, was packed – just like it’s French counterpart.

Our first talk was from our ‘Best of the Best’ series, which will run every morning this week. Today we focussed on the Grand Prix, sharing six exceptional case studies to show OMD’ers a true range of ideas.

Direct – Volvo “Interception”
We loved that Volvo used their competitors’ ads to their advantage to win the Superbowl – by giving a car away every time their competitors’ ads aired.

Radio – Soundcloud “the Berlin wall of sound”
Soundcloud managed to refresh history with an all-encompassing sensory experience that recreated the Wall in sound.

Titanium – Samsung “safety truck”
Samsung found a solution to a problem outside their brand’s category – they helped prevent road casualties with tech on their vans. 

Media – Vodafone “Vodafone red light application / between us”
Vodafone masterfully managed to help women who were victims of domestic violence with a campaign across multiple media channels – all of which were disguised.

Cyber – Under Armour “Gisele Bündchen – I will what I want”
To target a female audience, Under Armour hired a strong female they knew would provoke a reaction – Gisele. They created a campaign which built in real time social reactions – predominantly negative – to further highlight her strength. 

Titanium – Domino’s “emoji ordering”
Domino’s knew that their millennial audience talked in emoji’s. So they made it possible for them to order a pizza with an emoji too. This was a truly game-changing step which we are sure will set the precedent for campaigns in the future.


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