60 seconds with…Alice Levine, Radio 1 DJ

Alice LeveneLeading Radio 1 DJ Alice Levine talks to OMD UK ahead of Thursday’s panel: Music culture: How changes in the music industry are transforming popular culture.

A bit about me

I am a TV presenter and DJ – I host weekends on Radio 1 from 1pm til 4pm. I talk in between songs and sometimes over them (sorry!)

A bit about my job

Since I’ve been at Radio 1 I’ve hosted the old John Peel slot, from 10-midnight, which was about finding the best new and exciting musical acts around. And now I have an entertainment show where I get to play a lot of those same acts once they’ve broken and made it to playlist.

Who is your inspiration?

What I talk about on my show is generally just the kind of stories I would tell my friends – weird stuff that has happened, funny people I have met. As for the music that grabs my attention, I just try and think what would I want to soundtrack my weekend.

What are you most looking forward to discussing on the panel?

I’m interested to hear how people think access to music is having an impact on consumer tastes – are we the most open minded and eclectic generation of listeners yet?

Join Alice at Advertising Week Europe 2015 on Thursday 26th March (11:30, YouTube Stage) where she will participate on OMD UK’s panel – Music culture: How changes in the music industry are transforming popular culture – alongside Dan Clays, OMD UK’s Managing Director, Kanya King MBE, Founder of the MOBO Awards, Candice Morrissey, Music Strategic Partnerships EMEA, Google and Chris Baughen, Managing Editor at XFM.


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