Meet Vicky Etheridge, Communications Planning Manager at OMD UK

We caught up with Vicky Etheridge, Communications Planning Manager at OMD UK, to hear all about her role at the agency and her whirlwind experience at Cannes Lions last year.

Hi Vicky – thanks for speaking to us today. Could you explain a bit about your role and how you ended up doing what you do?

Sure no problem! I started OMD UK as a grad back in July 2013 after graduating with a fashion degree and carrying out a few internships in account planning with creative agencies.

I now work as Planning Manager on the Comms team. My role involves planning and managing campaigns for my clients, working collaboratively with many different teams and specialist units in the agency to create cross media solutions that deliver our clients’ business needs and objectives.

What excites you most about your job?

The most exciting part of my job is seeing a campaign come to life after months of hard work – it is incredibly rewarding to stumble across your work in the real world and know that you played a part in making it happen, even better is when I see other people noticing it.

We heard you were lucky enough to attend Cannes Lions last June. How did this come about and what were the highlights for you?

OMD UK set up an amazing internal initiative for anyone in the agency under 28 to win one of four places to attend Cannes Lions – it was an opportunity I couldn’t let slip. The process involved two rounds of judging, the first was a written submission and the second was a pitch and presentation to the board of the company. My pitch argued why I should be chosen to go, how I would bring my experience back to the agency and how it would benefit my role and work.

There were so many highlights but to name a few:

  • Creating our very own #TBQCannes (The Big Question) campaign, which debated the hot topics each day and was showcased on the Le Grand digital screen on La Croissette
  • Listening to the legend and master mind that is Tim Berners-Lee talk artificial intelligence
  • Sharing our experience with the rest of the agency in the form of OMD UK’s very own Festival of Creativity upon our return
  • Not to be forgotten – the epic parties and late nights at the Gutter bar!

Finally, do you have any advice for someone starting out in the industry?

I don’t want to reiterate the standard cliché comments that come up time and time again, so what I would advise is to not fixate or be restricted by your job title, or other people’s – anyone of any level can make great contributions to a campaign, a team or an agency!


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