Meet Milly Bellotti, Social Media Manager at OMD UK

We’re proud to introduce Milly Bellotti, Social Media Manager at OMD UK. Here she offers up an insight into the exciting world of social and the challenges that brands face cutting through all that noise.

Thanks for catching up with us today Milly! What does your role as a Social Media Manager involve here at OMD UK?

My friends seem to think I spend the day tweeting and looking at cat videos (I only do that about 20% of the time). Social Media Manager roles vary in every agency and company, here at OMD UK we have a great set-up with our Content team, which means there are copywriters who specialise in writing social-savvy posts, as well as newsletters and blog posts. We have designers who photograph, create and edit images, videos and GIFs. We have an outreach team who have contacts in the influencer world and can get you the best Instagrammer or YouTuber for your campaign. My job is to work with all these people to deliver content and campaign ideas for our clients so that their social media presence is useful, inspirational and memorable.

What thrills you most about the world of social media and your role specifically?

The exciting projects you get to work on! My days are really varied, if you asked me two months ago what I was doing, I would have replied from Barcelona, where I was helping Royal Caribbean launch their newest ship (I mean, I wasn’t building it or anything). Last week, I was working with Southeastern to determine what content strategy they should adopt on social media and why this should be approached differently from other marketing channels.

Every day there is a new platform or format or update in the social media world – it’s constantly changing which means that we can experiment with these new formats. The secret nerd in me also really likes the amount of data and insight that can be gleaned from platforms such as Spreadfast, a social media listening tool which can tell you where in the world conversations are happening, by whom and how people feel about it.

In your opinion, what does the future of social look like and what do you reckon the main challenges will be for brands?

Consumers are moving further away from traditional advertising, they don’t want to be talked at and they demand content which is useful or entertaining. Facebook’s algorithm means that organic reach on brand’s content is ever lower. In this pay-to-play era, the challenge will be – how do we cut through this noise? How can we deliver a campaign that earns a greater share of people’s lives?

I believe this is through fewer, bigger and better pieces of content. Through linking up all marketing channels and making sure what you’re doing is consistent and, ultimately, something that people will actually care about. I could bang on about this, but I’ll spare you.

Any advice for those looking to follow in your footsteps?

Don’t think that you need to have a media degree or have a blog in order to get a job in social media. If anything, my having neither of those things and actually almost eschewing social platforms in my personal time means I can look at it objectively and think like the people we’re trying to reach. I did a degree in Classical Studies and French, the former is quite literally the opposite of social media and the latter, whilst useful when contacting 50 French beauty bloggers on a Veet campaign in my former agency, is not exactly a requirement of the job. What is? For me, it’s attention to detail, a can-do attitude, and an almost unhealthy respect for grammar but as I said, every Social Media Manager role is different – you make it what you want it to be!

I’ll leave you with this joy – this is exactly what I mean when I say that brand content is changing and needs to be useful or entertaining if you have a hope of cutting through the noise. It’s also a cat video, see what I did there?


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