Meet Jo Betts, OMD UK’s Executive Director, Digital & Technology Development

Last week we were delighted to announce a raft of new appointments and internal promotions to complete our senior digital leadership team. Today we catch up with one of our newest recruits, Jo Betts who has joined the agency as Executive Director of Digital & Technology Development.

Hi Jo and welcome to OMD UK! How long have you been here now and what are the three things that have immediately stuck out to you? 

I’ve been here a month so only nearly new now!

Firstly the culture has really stuck out to me. It’s great to be back in agency world and in such an open, sharing and friendly place – everyone has been jumping to introduce themselves, share their thinking and collaborate on my initial projects… I even got a glass of wine last Friday from the shakey trolley served by our new MD – thanks Aki!

Secondly, the culture again, but in a different way. OMD UK puts clients, their businesses and their challenges at the heart of everything but also pulls through their clients’ products and ambitions into the agency culture. I got a pie face hit from Hasbro just after I joined and now I am embarking on a better me with the You@OMD UK personal wellbeing programme, inspired by Boots and their role as Feel Good specialists. OMD UK lives the brands.

Finally, all of the other services and things OMD UK does outside of the core marketing and media role: data solutions, amazing programmatic services, content production, creative thinking, affiliates and event management. There’s huge potential to learn and work with clients across all these services.

What excites you most about the world of digital? 

The thing that excites me the most about digital is that as an agency and as an industry we are moving away from it. Not in the literal sense but digital is not a separate entity anymore, it’s just part of everything we do. Digital is now ingrained in our people, our planning, our processes, our intelligence and even more key, in our clients’ businesses. That’s exciting… I’m not the specialist geek anymore. We are all just media geeks.

How does digital really help brands reach and engage their audiences?

Digital is not just a media channel but increasingly a power behind all media channels. It can fuel the insights and targeting across core digital media consumption channels but also wider media and consumer touchpoints. It can deliver accountable and specific goals but it also allows real-time insight and connections and so brands can always be relevant and ahead of the game. I love digital but it’s part of a bigger picture, it is exciting navigating this ecosystem and making it all fit together to help brands and their owners reach and engage audiences.

What are you most excited about in 2016? 

Well, I think I’ve already answered that in question 2. Anyone that knows me and my OCD habits know I’m a fan of regimented folder structures, an immaculately tidy desk (please don’t spill over) and things in threes or fives… that includes sweets, bullet points on slides and questions for blog posts 🙂


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