This Week in Digital – 3rd December 2012

What’s happened in digital this week:

  • Google acquired Incentive Targeting a mobile personalised marketing provider to better link in store promotions with mobile apps and search.
    • They also bought BufferBox a Canadian package delivery solutions company in another move to link digital services to real world activity.
    • A dramatic rise in online photos is predicted as Facebook’s new Photosync automatically uploads every photo we take to a private online album.
    • The International Telecommunications Union meeting in Dubai this week could see some major changes to the governance of the Internet.

What we have learned:

Cool stuff:

Where to find more:

  • *Why ‘Native Adverting’ (ad models embedded in the user experience) is a very hot topic for 2013.
  • How real time data is changing the way goods and services are priced, and why it is likely to only get more complex.
  • A glimpse of life in 2020 powered by the Internet of Things.

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