This Week in Digital – 31st July 2012

Twid OMD Olympics

What’s happened this week:

What we have learned:

Cool stuff:

  • Me The Musical is Intel’s latest idea to help us express our personal brand, by bringing the timeline to life.
  • Sight provides a slightly alarming vision for the future as our lives are augmented with ever more data.
  • The Hunt is MTVs latest social amplification based on its ‘storytelling without borders’ strategy.

Where to find more:

  • Moving beyond search in the age of Siri; how we are creating specialized Virtual Personal Assistants to make far more informed decisions.
  • The Smartphone is replacing a surprisingly long list of devices and services.
  • ‘Behavior By Design’ fascinating insights from Nir Eyal on how we can influence behavior to create habits with clever design.

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