This Week in Digital – 29th October 2012

What’s happened in digital this week:

  • The world has gone tablet mad. Apple launched iPad Mini and iPad 4, Windows launched Surface and Google have now released the Nexus 10
  • Facebook announced that 14% of revenue comes from mobile, and they are “just getting started”
  • Technology is being used on multiple levels to help Americans through the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Interactive maps, apps and webcams are keeping everyone informed, including Google’s “crisis maps” using real time data from multiple sources. Social media is also documenting the event with photos being uploaded to Instagram at a rate of 10 per second

What we have learned:

Cool stuff:

Where to find more:

  • Gartner released their top 10 technology themes for 2013. Memory computing is one of the most interesting, that allows for real time analysis of huge data sets.
  • A perspective on where TV and video advertising are heading towards 2020.
  • Moore’s Law (doubling the number of transistors on computer chips every 18 months) is set to remain intact, as scientists have made headway in Nano technology

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