This Week in Digital – 27th February 2012

Twid Feb 27 OMD

What’s happened this week:

  • Mobile World Congress 2012 kicks off in Barcelona (more next week) early announcements include a mobile with built in projector and a mobile with a 41 megapixel camera
  • Sony launched the PS Vita handheld console in the EU and US starting a new generation portable gaming
  • News Corp doubled the price of subscription to The Times iPad app to GBP4 per week, illustrating the new economics for print brands in Digital; increased segmentation and hyper premium products for niche markets

What we have learned:

  • 38% of Smartphone users use their device for ‘showrooming’ i.e. browsing in store but buying on a mobile for the best price
  • There are 11m new accounts and 33bn tweets per day, from the state of the Twitter-verse in 2012
  • Social Games will more than double to be worth >USD5bn by 2015

 Cool stuff:

  • Google are rumored to be working on Terminator style augmented glasses to be released later this year
  • Zombies run is an innovative new location based game that launches this week
  • Oxfam Shelflife provides the back story to second hand products sold in stores. This is a precursor to a far wider future trend of data following objects through their lives

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