This Week in Digital – 26th June 2012

Twid-June-26 Google TV OMD

What’s happened this week:

What we have learned:

Cool stuff:

Digital winners at Cannes included;

  • The Nike+ Fuelband blends data and Gamification into a new revenue stream.
  • Curators of Sweden opens up official government web channels to citizens.
  • The Bear71 interactive documentary highlights the tension between technology and nature.
  • Also congratulations to our colleagues for winning the Media Grand Prix for Google Voice Search.
  • Cloth suggests what to wear based on the weather. We can expect to see far more data embedded in products like clothing to create new forms of value.

Where to find more:

  • *Digital can sell soap. A great review of recent studies by the major FMCG brands into the efficacy of Digital. There are 3 primary roles; as an adjunct to TV for branding, highly targeted messages for niche groups and social advocacy.
  • Stefan Olander describes how Nike Digital Sport sees the purchase as the beginning of the communications process not the end.
  • New Directions in Advertising , from Creative Review. The most high profile recent pieces of work grouped together around emerging themes.

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