This Week in Digital – 19th November 2012


What’s happened in digital this week:

What we have learned:

Cool stuff:

  • *Curiosity is the first experiment from new developer 22cans. It is a very clever twist on the ‘what’s in the box’ mechanic that has gotten millions feverishly tapping away 64 billion blocks.
  • Google’s 100,000 stars is their latest Chrome experiment which beautifully illustrates how technology can improve the learning experience.
  • Ingress is a location based Augmented Reality Game from Google which is played across the real world.

 Where to find more:

  • What’s next in search? In a post-search world the engine’s role is to proactively link needs and solutions without the user’s intervention.
  • Current granted patents  give us a strong indication of the innovation we can expect to see in mobile. They include haptic feedback on screens, OLED and complete integration around a wallet.




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