This Week in Digital – 07/01/14

What’s happened this week:

  • Google made its official play for the connected car market by launching the Open Automotive Alliance with Audi, Honda, GM, Hyundai, and chipmaker Nvidia
  • Zynga, the social and mobile gaming company, has started trialing Bitcoin currency as a method of in-game payment, boosting its volatile price over $1k (a refresher of what Bitcoin is here)
  • Polaroid are entering the 4k TV market, announcing the most affordable set to date at $999.99

What we have learned:

Cool stuff:

  • Samsung gives us a glimpse into the future of the display centric world
  • The Dustcloud – location-based, mobile gaming, seeking crowd-funding, supported by micro-transactions, that taps into the ‘Internet of Things’, wearable tech and augmented reality… or more simply, laser tag in the street
  • The next wave of the Internet of Things – the Internet of Sharks

Where to find more:

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