Striking a chord – Spotify at OMD UK

OMD’s reception has been a hive of activity this morning. Musical wunderkinds Spotify have taken over and are on a mission to show everyone the power of sound.

Spotify is soundtracking the lives of GenY and beyond. They are also in the exciting position that their advertising feels personal and can uniquely emote through audio alone, using innovations such as 3D audio experiences.

This morning I was lucky enough to see and experience some of Spotify’s innovations first hand. I started off by creating my own music mosaic, based on my listening patterns.  It even came with tailored recommendations and a personalised Spotify playlist!

Next I picked up tips and tricks in a one-to-one masterclass. Now I am a Spotify disciple as it is, and was worried that Spotify would be preaching to the converted. No sooner had the masterclass started I realised there was a Radio function – which enables new discovery based on your current listening – that I had never explored!

Finally I really did get taken on a musical journey. I was blindfolded, given headphones and very uniquely shown the strengths of audio. From personable tones of voice, to the brains super-fast recognition of music, to great audio advertising, I heard it all. Using the blindfold really made me concentrate in on the sounds alone and powerfully illustrated what a strength and asset audio can be.

As I write this my headphones are on (as are most Spotify listeners interestingly enough) my playlist is in full swing and I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for audio. Spotify really are hitting the right notes.


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