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picmonkey_imageMy name is Tom Pavey and I am a Corporate Partnerships Manager at The Prince’s Trust. My role is to work with companies such as OMD UK to support the vulnerable young people the Trust works with through fundraising, volunteering and awareness raising. I am incredibly passionate about what we do as an organisation – there are nearly 1 million young people unemployed in the UK at the moment and more young people are long-term unemployed (out of work for more than 6 months) than ever. Lots of these young people come from difficult backgrounds such as poverty, care, households where no one has worked and have mental health issues. The Prince’s Trust gives these young people hope, skills and the opportunities they need to build the future they deserve not the one they end up with.

And we couldn’t do this without the incredible support of our Corporate Partners such as OMD UK! We are aiming to help 58,000 young people this year and are constantly striving to address the youth unemployment epidemic by helping more young people in more disadvantaged parts of the UK. You can help us by volunteering, taking part in one of our programmes or become part of the Million Makers Fundraising Team. All of these opportunities help our young people immeasurably and also provide you with great opportunities to develop yourself.

Thanks for reading this blog and for all of OMD UK’s support for The Prince’s Trust.


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