The Coming Out Chronicles #3: Paul Phillips

Coming out doesn’t need fanfare. Mine wasn’t so much a spectacular leap from the closet (not with my joints), more a series of measured micro-exits.

At university, campus was teeming with types – the Jocks, the Journos, the Politicos –everyone relishing their labels and communing with their own. I just didn’t want to be pigeonholed by my sexuality so came out only to a select few, all highly supportive.

It was only when, at 24, I landed a new job as Ad Director for Gay Times, that I thought I should finally come out to my family. When I left the office of my then employer (Mirror Group) that Friday evening to travel up to the Midlands to tell them, the whole ad department gave me a standing ovation in a resounding gesture of solidarity. Knowing that I had such a supportive community back in London certainly buoyed my confidence.

I had little to worry about. My family proved highly supportive – and still are, treating my partner like another son and brother. On that first weekend, Dad even joined me for drinks at Nuneaton’s only gay pub. The pub’s now long-gone – bulldozed to make way for a pay-and-display car park – but the love and support of my family still stand strong.

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As a former employee, and erstwhile contributor, it may seem impartial of me to recommend Gay Times – but it remains the UK’s best platform for LGBTQ+ news, advice, and listings. If you’re looking for informed guidance, make it your first point of call.


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