The Coming Out Chronicles #2: Anonymous

Fancying girls was a thought I did not take kindly to as a child, so my subconscious decided it was best to just ignore and move on with fancying boys. Luckily for my triggered young self who fell in love with her female best friend and every female TV character ever, I was attracted to two boys at school who I could kiss at parties and wish those feelings away.

Coming out as lesbian at the age of 23 was a massive shock for my conscious brain, and even more of one for my family. Coming out as bisexual 12 months later (after I found a man I happened to fancy) was then somehow almost worst. Realising I was bi left me feeling like I had made up my sexuality, as for me, it’s so changeable.

Coming out twice definitely made it more confusing for the people around me to accept my sexuality as a real thing, but it made it easier for me. By accepting that my sexuality didn’t need to have a fixed label forever, I was finally free to be myself and focus more on who I fancied rather than what it meant.

Coming Out Resources

YouTube! I must have watched a million coming out stories on YT during Uni.  Rose and Rosie are basically the place to be for any bi/lesbians coming to terms with their sexuality. Hearing other people’s stories really helped me to deal with the variety of reactions I might get and see that it would all be ok.







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