Print Week: The Power of the Tabloids

OMD UK Print Week launched this morning with a lively debate, hosted by OMD UK’s Hamid Habib and featuring Lloyd Embley, Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Mirror, and Tony Gallagher, Editor of The Sun.

As obvious rivals in their working lives, it was interesting to see the level of agreement between the editors of the two largest tabloids in the UK. They both talked passionately about how all newspapers set the news agenda for broadcast media to follow and the influence they still have over forming their reader’s opinions.

Lloyd quipped that the Daily Mirror was the nearest thing to an opposition that the government has at the moment whilst Tony agreed that a newspaper’s role in holding politicians to account has never been more important. Both editors also agreed that their operations had changed dramatically over the past 10 years and it was interesting to hear how supportive they were about collaborating commercially with our clients.  There is no better way of showing this than having two editors in our reception on a Monday morning – something that wouldn’t have happened 10 years ago.


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