OMD UK at the NABS Rugby 7’s

Written by Louis Mayne

Sunday saw the Annual NAB’s Rugby 7’s tournament kick off in some style in the sunny borough of Richmond. There had been quite a build up to this festival of sport and display of the best media has to offer.

The OMD team had high hopes for the competition, especially with the late draft picks of Matt Batch and Daniel Augustine; who while untested in the rugby arena had shown some promise in pre-season. Early team drops outs included an interesting one by Oliver Moran who broke his toe swimming; the logistics of how this happened are still unclear.

The competition was a mixed bag of hung-over men with bodies that media ruined, the Predator with his team of brutes (see below) and Adam and Eve who chose to listen to King Leonidas’ advice and take a squad of 300.

NABS rugby 7s_Harrison

The team had a slow start against the iron giants and despite our team throwing out more hits than the Spice Girls in the 90s we lost admirably. This was the first and last game Phil would play.

The other games were littered with displays of greatness. Matt Batch made a fantastic break down the wing, the whole team waiting to see his pace, only to realise, like his hair; there wasn’t a lot of it. His brief spell down the wing ended with a hit which would have seen other men call it a day, but not the Batch.

Louis Mayne was fantastic under the high ball and carried well. Sergison scored a fantastic try after an elegant bit of interplay between Woods and Budd. Alex Mann turned up 3 hours late and like his working life he was effective in bursts and ineffective the rest of the time. ‘Barter’ Justin played with amazing heart and was the leading force behind the great stash, although he did complain his top wasn’t tight enough…

Dan Augustine showed why he is the most desirable man in search by playing his first game of rugby before even watching a game. He delivered the best forward-behind -the-back pass to no one you are likely to ever see. Chris ‘Semi Pro’ Woods showed his pedigree with fantastic breaks and knock on down the wing, he also knocked out a man with his head.

There were casualties on the day. Rich Garratt committed to the end, dedicated his body to the company but sadly took one too many hits and his shoulder gave way. He did however enjoy the attention from colleagues and their sisters in the bar after the match. Whilst Sam was battling at the forefront he took a finger to the eye, which made him look a little terminator-esque accomplishing a childhood dream.

We would like to thank our amazing support, you were great.

Until next year.

NABS rugby 7s_team



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