Oh My Data: Segmenting OMD UK

At Annalect Marketing Science, we love data, number crunching, and of course the people at OMD UK. We wanted to show off what we can do with data and dig into the lifestyles of the characters that make up OMD UK.

How did we do this? Earlier this year, I sent out a survey to the agency asking a range of questions from ‘do you watch Love Island?’ to ‘how long is your commute?’.

Once I collected the data, I carried out a segmentation of the agency. A segmentation is when you divide up people/customers into different groups that have distinct behaviours or characteristics. The first step was to cleanse the data, then I applied a statistical model to the survey data. The next steps were to analyse the outputs from the model and so I discovered that OMD UK is made up of four segments.

For each segment, I looked at the answers that over-indexed, hence the characteristics that are most likely within this group of people.

The first segment is Lavish Lara. Lara is typically more than 35 years old and is most likely female. She doesn’t smoke or watch Love Island but she does love to shop and normally spends over £100 a month on shoes and clothes. She also loves to chat about the weather in the lift. Lavish Lara is most likely to work within Ad Operations, Annalect Marketing Science or Comms Planning.

The second segment is Punctual Percy. He is most likely to be under 34 and is always on time to work. He is unlikely to use Tinder, but he does love a drink. Out of all the segments, Percy has the highest consumption of alcohol, however he also doesn’t like to hang out with work colleagues in his spare time, so likes a drink at home. Percy is most likely to work within Insight or Investment.

The third segment is TCR Tommy. He is young, between 25-34 and most likely to be male. He absolutely loves TCR and loves a drink with his work pals. He loves his work colleagues so much he does the most tea rounds. TCR Tommy is most likely to sit within Resolution or Comms Planning.

The final fourth segment is the Swipe Right Sophia. Sophia is in the youngest crowd, where she tends to be under 25 and female. She has the longest commute times and is the most likely to get the bus to the office. She is also the most active on Tinder, and her favourite local bar is the London Cocktail Club. Sophia is most likely to work within OMD Create and New Business and Marketing.

Which segment do you think you would you sit in?


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