Chinese New Year-Open Letters with Nina Nguyen

My Lunar New Year

You’re not Chinese, so why do you celebrate Chinese New Year?

I get asked this a lot, well the festivities are known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year — the new year is determined by the lunar calendar. And the Chinese aren’t the only ones who observe it, Vietnam (me), Thailand, and other countries celebrate Lunar New Year too.

So what happens? Usually my family gets together on the eve of the Lunar New Year for a big dinner, starting with a prayer to my ancestors. During the dinner, there are toasts, when we offer wishes for prosperity for the people in attendance and then the part we all wait for…THE RED POCKET aka Ly si.

Unfortunately, this year will be different. One thing I didn’t foresee was spending a Lunar New year without seeing my family or friends. However, even if it’s just a small affair I will still do the following:

1. Catch up with family and friends (Facetime, zoom etc)

2. Brighten up the house with some colour (Red all the way)

3. Share the wealth with loved ones and chase relatives for my red pockets even if it’s via bank transfer (It’s still lucky, red or not ???? )

4. Chow down on festive treats

Celebrating festivities without the people we love somehow feels a little hollow, however just because it’s a little different this year, doesn’t mean it can’t be just as meaningful.

Chúc mừngnămmới! (Happy New Year)


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