Mission Impeccable

Ted Baker recently partnered with Google to create the first ever fashion brand application of Google’s Voice Search for their Autumn / Winter 16 campaign.

Executive producer Guy Ritchie, continuing with the theme of his recent spy genre success ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E’, has created a short in-house shoppable film for the brand depicting a supposed hacking of the companies IT system by fictional villain Victor Voile with viewers directed to ‘Commence their Mission’ online (Source: Forbes and Campaign Live).

Following the hugely successful location based game Pokemon GO, Ted Baker have followed suit by capitalising on the public’s new found willingness to interact with the outdoors in order to enhance the retail experience.

Spy Agency T.E.D sets out to thwart the ‘couture catastrophe’ with the aid of shoppers piecing together evidence from a variety of sources including a trail of Instagram clues leading shoppers to speak Ted Baker slogans, found in the located shop windows, into their Google Voice Search Application.

Through geo-fencing technology (a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area), Ted Baker has reimagined the whole concept of window shopping whereby shoppers must be within close proximity of the store. This idea obviously increases footfall and should create a buzz around the store’s windows while engaging other passes by who may be intrigued by what the fuss is all about.

The shoppers are entered into a prize draw, including thousands of incentives and unique product codes while also providing access to further information about the film’s characters, including agents Weaver and Draper, Penny Loafer and Manny Quinn to name just a few, thus creating a much greater engagement and interaction with their audience.

Ted Baker will be confident the campaign will prove a success story given their previous shoppable video content last Christmas boosted sales of the featured products by 30%. (Source: Jolly Boss)

It is likely that many other brands will want to keep a close eye on the relative success of this campaign and we may see a rise in the 16% of brands that currently utilise shoppable video.


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