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Welcome to the home of the Future of Britain project, a year-long research initiative from OMD UK. Britain is changing, probably at a faster rate than any time in history. Crunched consumers are weathering the storm of over five years of economic uncertainty. Social media has transformed our relationships with brands. New global economies are rapidly altering the role of Britain. The way we live our lives has been turned upside down and technology continues to dramatically shift the way we shop, play, work and live. But why is this happening and, importantly, what does it mean for brands?

OMD UK intends to find out. Over the course of the year we will be running a range of innovative research projects. We will be talking to consumers in their own homes. We will be living with consumers (virtually of course) with a detailed ethnographic study. We will be surveying large swathes of the population. All with the intention of understanding and interpreting the change we are witnessing. We have also teamed up with Reportage by Getty Images to work with the acclaimed photographer Peter Dench, who will be visually documenting modern life in Britain.

This blog will be the home of all of this work, and more. We will share our research findings, showcase Peter’s photography and provide opinions, evidence and inspiration aimed at helping brands navigate the Future of Britain.

We hope you find its contents as interesting and inspiring as we do.


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