The rise of Slowcial Media

From our second phase Future of Britain study, Living with Future Britain, we identified the digital retreat as a key trend. Consumers are moving from being ‘always on’ to only engaging with technology when they want, and otherwise craving calm technology that works in the background.

This led us to the idea of being slowcial. It is as much about slower consumption of social media as it is about a more careful choice of media to consume. These days we’re bombarded with short bursts in the form of status updates, tweets and 6 second videos, but our research and other trend companies are finding that consumers desire longer and better quality posts/articles.

A company called Medium has already understood this trend by creating a new space on the internet where people share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters and not just for friends.

Below is a link that describes the manifesto of slow media. What I find most interesting is how it requires the full attention of its users and aims to create a more discursive atmosphere.


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