Introducing the Future of Families

On Wednesday 22nd October, OMD UK and Time Inc. UK welcomed clients, colleagues and media partners to hear the findings from our collaborative research project, the Future of Families – the latest installment of OMD UK’s proprietary research initiative, the Future of Britain.

Earlier phases of our Future of Britain research had uncovered key changes in the consumption behaviours, values and aspirations of British audiences and identified the rising trends of Generation Rent and the Boomerangers, both affecting the make-up of the British household. But we wanted to delve deeper into the knock-on effects of these changes. As family dynamics shift, what does this mean for the values, priorities and decision making processes for the family unit as a whole, as well as for each family member as an audience in their own right?

Our partners at Time Inc. UK shared our ambition, so we took a collaborative approach to learning more about Britain’s families. Drawing on our combined in-house research panels – respectively, OMD Snapshots and Time Inc. UK’s Origin Lounge – the research included expert interviews with Time Inc. UK editors and two quantitative studies talking to a total of 4,000 people across Britain. This was also complemented by a number of qualitative in-home interviews with family members in different types of household ranging from Boomerang, Empty Nesters, Single parents, Multi-Generational households, and parents of both older and younger children.

Our research uncovered three key trends which we’ve termed 2.4 No More, United under pressure and Virtual Families, but you can find more detail on each area by downloading our summary report here.


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