Engaging the snackers and the meerkats

A recent report on WARC looks at TV planning and how ads work in multi-screen viewing. WARC defines the multi-screen preferece as ‘meerkatting’ behaviour, due to the constant shift of attention between devices. The second phase of our Future of Britain research study discusses a similar trend, that we named ‘Stack and snack’, which gets under the skin of how consumers are snacking on bite-size chunks of content, and what this means for brands and advertisers. 

The reasoning our respondents would give for their lack of concentration on the television set would be that the content wasn’t engaging enough or the programme didn’t require their full attention. Others simply looked away because the adverts were on. So this new behaviour and proliferation of devices is actually giving consumers opportunities to avoid advertising. What we’re suggesting to brands and advertisers is to cut through and engage with consumers by creating a particular tone of voice, being personal and to use native advertising.


Source: http://www.warc.com/Content/ContentViewer.aspx?ID=22155653-ae9c-49f6-b022-7f0607f877f7&q=summer&MasterContentRef=22155653-ae9c-49f6-b022-7f0607f877f7&GUserID=98d73ed0-fcde-4d44-b06a-ecf821fde7f7


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