Disconnect to Connect

The most mobile Google searches happen during meal times. We’ve all been there, over dinner you just can’t remember the name of that actor in that film or where that place you went to is called, so someone grabs their mobile from the table and quickly Googles it for you.

When did this become acceptable to have your phone at the table?! When I sat down for meal times as a child with my family the radio and television had to be switched off and sometimes we’d even unplug the phone. A recent study states that we spend an average of two hours and 40 minutes each day looking at a smartphone.

In ‘I Forgot My Phone’, created by and starring Charlene deGuzman, a range of social activities are shown and disturbed by the constant use of everyone’s mobile phone.

Reminded us of an old commercial from Thailand that urged people to get off their electronic devices and experience life.

It’s beautifully done and really hits home the point of how we’re really disconnected from what’s going on around us because of the endless use of our phones.

Below is a sneaky glimpse from the latest phase of Future of Britain that is extremely relatable to this article. One of the questions proposed to our panel was what the last thing that really annoyed them was and one of our respondents replied with this:

“It’s my friend and his mobile addiction. Whenever we meet or go out for dinner, he is always busy with his phone and playing with it, never pays attention what one is telling or talking with him. It’s really annoying and I wish I could hide or throw away his phone, its bit insulting as well. Whether he is waiting in the queue or ordering something …always busy with his phone”


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