The 48-hour detox

We’ve previously mentioned brands that have embraced the ‘digital detox’ trend, with brands like Coca-Cola and Polar beer playing on our attachment to social media. Thanks to Scope, now there is a whole weekend dedicated to disconnection.

Scope is a charity that supports disabled people and their families through practical information and support. They particularly focus on time of diagnosis and a child’s early years. On the 1st and 2nd March Scope will challenge people to give up all digital communication and devices for 48 hours, and be sponsored for it.

They’ve asked people to re-engage with the offline elements of life and unplug. In aid of this task, Alice Wilkie started a blog documenting her fears and panic over losing digital for a weekend. It’s a very interesting read of how she has to overcome things like timings and getting through her day without the use of Google Maps, something I think a lot of people tend to suffer from when they don’t have access to a phone or it dies. I look forward to reading more experiences of those that take up the challenge.




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