The Goliaths and the Underdogs from Cannes Lions 2016

Consider this our Cannes Cliff Notes.

There are a few campaigns that everyone seems to be talking about.

They gathered so much metal at Cannes and range from the genius to the ridiculous.

Big ideas, by big advertisers with big budgets and big problems to solve.

We didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or applaud the algorithm and 3d printer that produced a “new” Rembrandt for ING.

There were fist pumps all round for the Netflix super star, Frank Underwood that ran for president of America. The House of Cards Campaign even managed to outrump Trump.

Our minds were opened by a Heineken brewery that found a way to create biofuel from the leftovers of the brewing process and then launched a campaign to get New Zealanders drinking more beer to save the world driving a 10% sales uplift!

We marvelled at the bravery of the client who came up with the idea to close its doors on Black Friday, their busiest day of the year, because it was the right thing to do.

But it was the Underdogs that really got us OMDers talking at this week’s Festival of Creativity.

Many of these less famous campaigns are fantastic examples of Share of Life in action. Creative solutions solving some of the simplest of problems, and earning their place in consumers’ hearts and minds.

From finding your perfect house…

Getting your kids to save money…

How to fit your toppings on a cracker

How to give up sugar…

And finally… how to make football games more family friendly


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