Meet the bloggers

Our bloggers come from all walks of life, and each shines a light on a different area of the OMD UK experience: from our planning teams to our people team, or SEO to summer parties.

Harriet is part of the New Business and Marketing Team at OMD UK.14 Articles

Dev holds the title of SEO Account Manager at OMD UK.1 Articles

Supriya Khanna

Supriya is a Performance Business Director at OMD UK.1 Articles

Annabelle Toon

Connections Planner1 Articles

Bradley occupies a Client Leadership role at OMD UK.1 Articles

Gareth Orr

Head of OMD Create1 Articles

David is a Strategy Director at OMD UK.1 Articles

Insight Manager at OMD UK1 Articles

Danny Gould

Digital, Data & Technology Business Director1 Articles

Managing Partner at OMD UK1 Articles

Account Manager1 Articles

Selin Pekin

Client Leadership Executive1 Articles

Clare has occupied the role of Chief People Officer at OMD UK since joining the agency at the start of 2019.1 Articles

Kiera occupies the role of AV Investment Assistant at OMD UK.1 Articles

Jai is a Biddable Account Manager at OMD UK.1 Articles

Paul Phillips

Strategy Director1 Articles